Toss Up Worlds Viewing

Published on: 4 May, 2014

With the Toss Up World Championships due to start, AURA migrated up north (slightly) for better viewing of the competition and unveiling. The whole weekend was a mix of good food, odd people and great entertainment – 3:30am tournament watching by morning, stand-up paddle boarding, Cards Against Humanity and Kung-Pow by evening.

Here is a picture of a cute penguin.

The center of it all of course was our passion for robotics, and nothing could be better than chilling out with a 20+ like-minded mates to cheer on our favourite teams (scouting and even giving advice on a some matches), speculating/strategizing for the new vex game, Skyrise, and being some of the first to congratulate Lynfield College (2915), and team OYES (VEXU), whom we looking forward to creating some wicked stuff with, in the coming year.

Here is a picture of AURA’s cat, named Andrew, pretending to be a penguin.

We have a couple of big things planned, for example: Tournament Manager integration for Android, plans for a multitude of helpful video tutorials, and we’ll probably try to influence world-wide robot designs once again (6 bars are epic!).

The past year, we sat back and set up events for all of the great teams here in NZ. But this year, we are keen to jump back in. AURA will be making a comeback, here’s hoping we’ll make a splash once more, in the recently all-too-calm waters that is Vex.