AURA Workshops 2020

Published on: 9 March, 2020

Welcome to the AURA 2020 Introductory Workshops!

Our Workshops are meant to teach people the fundamentals of various different concepts relevant to Robotics. Our aim is that by the end of these workshops, you will feel confident enough to take part in AURA Projects and Competitions.

We’ll walk you through it all every step of the way so don’t be worried if you think you’re a Robotics noob!

This page will be updated before each session with more information and resources as needed.

Week 1: Introduction to C Programming

This week we’ll be going over the basics of Programming right from the top! We’ll cover concepts like Outputting Text, Conditional Statements, Loops and Functions. The content learned is supplemented by tasks that we’ve created where you can use what you’ve learnt to create simple programs.

To get started, click the following link to download our guide:

The first session will be on the 10th of March in room 405.328. It will run from 4:30pm onwards.

Task Answers:

Example code for the first three tasks for this session can be found below:

Course Mark Calculator:

Course Grade Calculator:

GPA Calculator:

Example code for the final task for this session will be available at the start of the next session.

Week 2: Introduction to ROBOT C

ROBOTC officially supported language for the VEX Cortex. We will be using ROBOTC and the VEX Cortex to program an existing robot. The goal of the program will be to make the robot follow a line. At the end of this, there will be a competition for the fastest run time!

It is recommended that you come to the workshop with a laptop with ROBOTC installed.

ROBOTC can be downloaded from the following link (Windows Only):

If you don’t have a Windows laptop, don’t worry! You can still write code on normal text editors.

To get started, click the following link to download the guide:

The second session will be on the 17th of March in room 405.328. It will run from 4:30pm onwards until 6pm, followed by the AURA Game Night!