Kristin Invitational Scrimmage

Published on: 27 November, 2010

The Kristin K-Force team held a small invitational Round-Up scrimmage at Kristin School today, in the lead-up to Upper North Island Regionals at Massey University next week. Participating teams included Lynfield Robotics (Lynfield College), Free Range Robotics (Home School), Lakebots (Westlake Girls High School), GC/EC (Glenfield College), and Prime Robotics (Pinehurst School). In attendance from AURA included Andrew Chen (K-Force mentor), who ran the matches and tournament software, Vincent Ardern, mentoring the Lynfield teams, and Ryan Kurte, who dropped in to investigate the game in action. Additionally Nathan Allen and Thomas Paulin, who are joining us next year, competed as part of the K-Force team.

After the morning’s session of casual matches and discovering problems that had to be fixed, the afternoon’s competition included 17 qualifying matches (6 per team) and a 4-alliance selection and elimination rounds. A hotly contested finals round between first ranked alliance Free Range A/Lynfield A and second ranked alliance Free Range B/Lynfield C saw the underdogs the victors 2-1, using tactics such as unexpected ramming in the autonomous period to push opponent robots off course and dubiously pinning opponent robots in corners. Additional awards included the Most Promising Team, awarded to the team that shows the most promise to develop in the current and future Vex seasons, which was won by the relatively young team of students from Prime Robotics. All in all it was a good day for all, and we all now know all the problems that all have to be fixed before all regionals next Saturday! All.

Results are available on the media page, and photos/videos might be available soon too!

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